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Nov 24, 2011
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Nov 22, 2011
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Nov 22, 2011
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Nov 21, 2011

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Team Singapore, A fulfilling future belongs 2 those with strong vision and resilience. It doesnâ??t matter where U might be now. Starting well n finishing strong is what counts. GOD speed!

Make singapore proud

Wishing Team Singapore a tremendous success in her forthcoming Olymoic trail in London, achieving her targetted medals tally and thus bringing glory to our country.Your concerted training to prepare for this mega eveent in sporting history will go a long way to realize our dreams to be a sporting nation in the next S.E.A. Games in 2015 and a Sports Hub in 2014 with the completion of our billion dollar complex in Kallang.Vision 2030 is achievable as Sports will be our lifestyle that we partake.

This is when all your hardworks shows its results. Jia you Team Singapore! ROAR~!!!

Singaporeans dream! The spirit,the moral and achievement that will last forever! We are always waiting,let's cheer for the Singapore team! Hooray Singapore! A great applause for Singapore.

Well Done. Now we have to work harder when we host the Sea games. Well Done again.

9 Golds, 10 Silvers and 9 Bronzes in the 6th ASEAN Para Games and in 7th place, great work Team Singapore!

Now that the SEA Games is over, let's support another group of representatives in the 6th ASEAN Para Games in Surakarta. Let's Go again, Team Singapore!

Congrats to the team. Kudos!

Great work Team Singapore, for all your best efforts in the game that intrigued us all back home. Continue your endeavour towards excellence and do us proud again in the next competition!

All S'porean stationed (working) in Indonesia are 100% proud of our 2011 S'porean teams showing our true team spirit of Team Singapore- United they stand thru out the 2011 Sea Games

Coming to the end of the game, my heartfelt congratulations to all the medals winners, and sincere encouragement to all those who tried but didn't make the cut. Try harder next time, and make it to Myanmar!

Three Cheers for Team Singapore!!! Hooray!!!! Do Your Best and your atmost for youself and also for all of us in this country!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I am incredibly proud of the team spirit of Team Singapore. My heartiest congrats to those who won, but equally, my salutations to those who didnt. You all deserve respect and admiration for your dedication of time and effiort. You make me proud to be a Singaporean. Hoorah!

It's pleased to hear that Team Singapore has excelled at many of our core sports such as swimming, waterpolo, and table tennis. It's even heartwarming to hear that we have grabbed Gold in women single Badminton and Men 50m swimming freestyle, along with the many firsts among atheletes. They have definitely surpassed expectation and live up to excelling in sport. Keep up the good work and may this be a start of many more accolades to come!

S'PORE Team :D S.I.N.G.A.P.O.R.E best of the best :D We are proud S'PORE Team of the win the medal :D Team SINGAPORE you are EXTRAORDINARY :D We are PROUD of you :D


S'pore you can do it :D All the best to u :D We are proud the medal that u won :D

JIAYOU TEAM SINGAPORE! Do us proud! :D All the best for the rest of the competitions!!

Cheers to all Team Singapore!! All the very best for the remaining few days of competition. Continue to do our nation proud!

Team Singapore you have come a long way in achieving what you have achieved in the international games. I am proud to say that you deserve those winnings because you earn it. Congratulations to all athletes, coaches, doctors, therapist, etc. You have done us proud.


Team Singapore, brand yourself as a team that tries and tries and will never give up. Compete fearlessly, determinedly and honorably. Whatever the results, we are always behind you because the important thing is that you are doing your best to bring glory to your nation and we appreciate that. Congratulations to all who have won a medal and thanks to all who have tried.

TEAM SINGAPORE GO!!! especially SGsynchro. Y'all can do it!!! You're doing well so far! Winning is MIT everything, but try your best too! Congratulations for the good results so far, and do well for all the other events!! You all can do it!!! Singapore fully supports you!!!! �

Team Singapore Rocks!!!!!!!!

Team Singapore, even if you did not perform well this time round, it's alright. Just do your very best and go for it. You have shown through your perseverance and determination that you want to make Singapore proud. You have already brought us glory in our hearts. In the upcoming games, I wish you all the best. Train harder. No matter what, I will always support you. Send my well wishes there. Stay healthy and fit Team Singapore! I will support Team SG forever. Though i'm not a full Singaporean.

Team Singapore, the true Singapore Spirit is believing in yourself, cheerish your competitor and learn from one another. We applaud your sacrifices and efforts in giving your best results for Singapore. We believe in you!

Team Singapore, you have demonstrated you can overcome the odds; food poisoning and still give your best. That is true sportmanship and never die attitude!

Team Singapore, whatever event you compete, try your very best. Even you do not win any medals, you still win our heart.

Team Singapore, you have done us proud once again. All the best, especially to the Wushu Team! Waiting for good news from you all! :)

Team Singapore had demonstrated an out-standing efforts in team play and individual! Congrats to the swim team and the women water-polo team, and looking forward to the men polo team in achieving another gold for Team Singapore aquatic sports! Great job for the whole Team Singapore! The Best Have To Be!

Aim for the Gold, Team Singapore! But remember, the spirit of the game is more than winning, it's participation and compete. Nurture and cherish the friendship you forged during the game!

I know that this column is to praise our athletes performance in the SEA Games. However, I believe we should at the same time criticize on some of our athletes dismay performance, namely from Silat, Football and Sepak Takraw. We used to be a regional powerhouse in these sports and even produced world champion. I hope that a high ranked officer in our sports and olympic committee will come out to criticize their showings similar to the criticism our track and field had received at the last game.

JIAYOUs Team Singapore WUSHU-ians who are taking part this SEA games... Strike for medals!

Team Singapore, wear our colours with pride, and do all your might! Goal is for Gold, but friendship is gold! Make friends at the meet, and cherish the spirit forever!

Team Singapore,Be it a Win or a Loss,the fact that all of you are able to don Singapore National Colours will serve as inspirations for many young dreams and ambitions.Give it our Best Shot and be the Best that we can be because Singapore belongs to us and we belong to Singapore. Majulah Singapura!


Team Singapore ~We send you our support, cheers, hugs & love from the busy streets of Orchard Road, Geylang Serai, Chinatown and Little India~ JIA YOU~~

Clement, Well Done!!!, you are awesome!!, considering you are down for the 1st 6 months of the year due to your injuries ,such acheivement come a long way, Keep It up!!!.By the way , you are now officially the National record holder for 100m freestyle with your 1st swimmer time of 50.68 in the 4x100m freestyle relay,Congratulation too for being the fastest man in 100m freestyle in South East Asia altough you didn't swim the 100m event, your time is FINA sanction.

Well done, Clement Lim for breaking the national record of men 100 free despite of your shoulder injury. we are proud of you.

My 4 year old daughter says she wants to swim like Tao li after watching 4days of aquatics actions!

keep the lion spirit high and roar as loud as the tiger would,the table tennis team,ok,set and go all the way

''well done,SCHOOLING, you will be next star in Singapore history to bring us glory and break into the international Olympic stadium as a young lion witha determine and never say die spirit

All the way Team Singapore.! I will cheer for you guys in front of the TV. Never give up till the very end. Well done to the rely runners.!

All the best to Team Singapore! Especially to Marvin who is taking part in the Men's Snooker. Whatever is the result we will be proud of you!

Pang Xuejie, you make us proud of your effort and sacrifice for a native representative. You are standing tall amidst the giants. Keep it up.

T&F 4x100m relay guys, fantastic performance. The colour of the medals is not important, teamwork and striving for a better performance is more valued above everything else. The gold will come, continue to believe in yourself.

Well done Aquatics Team !!! Besides delivering the results, you have groomed the next generation of Singapore heroes to inspire the nation.

James Wong, I am so proud of you! How many athletes can string a perfect 10 over such an wonderful journey. Determination and guts, this is what everyone should learn from you.

Swimming team made us proud! So are the rest of the sports! ALL THE WAY TEAM SINGAPORE!!

Congratulations to all Team Singapore who had won the medals, You all make our Singapore proud. For the others don't give up, show us your best.

All the way Team Singapore! You guys sure will make Singapore proud.

Hello team Singapore, I'am cheering for you to win Gold Medals and maybe some Silver or Bronze Medals, But that does not matter, what matters is that you NEVER give up, always Play as a team,and Encourage each other not to give up.ps were cheering for uuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!

Way to go Joseph!! Well done for 200m fly!! You are my idol!! Uncle Ronald

It does not matter that you tumbled. It does not matter that you failed to hit the target. it does not matter that did not scored. It only matters that you complete in fairness, give your best and keep smiling. Go Team Singapore!

Go Team SIngapore ! Do your best and not let others look down on us ! You guys are already doing it very well, and now, let's aim to go for the top 3 positions ! Team Singapore Hwaiting ! ^^

Eventhough, we are a small country but our team spirit are like five stars arising. Go, Go Team Singapore all the way to glory. We are proud of you all.

Fire all cylinders, Team Singapore, it doesn't matter you bring back a Gold, Silver, or Bronze, in fact, it doesn't matter you bring back any medal at all! The most important thing is participation and compete, do your best and leave no regret! And make friends with all other participants! Go Team Singapore!

Never look down on this small red dot ! We are doing good , or rather even better than expected ! Team Singapore , you're our pride and glory :) All the best !

Diverse but one. One step. One leap. One same heart. Our hero and heroine. Show them what you have got! Have no regret... We love you all!

Go! Team Singapore. May the 5 stars shining bright on you. May the Roar of the Lion spirit bring your conquest to the top of the throne.

Joseph.... All the best for the 200m fly! Ronald & Elaine

Way to go Team Singapore.... All the way Joseph Schooling! Singapore is behind you!!!

We can see that through sports, the people come together as one united nation, cheer and give their well wishes to the athletes. Its not just a sport, its because of you (the athletes), the nation stand as one. Wishing Team Singapore the very best at the SEA games!

They said we are just a red dot, the say we can't never survive!! Looks at our nation now, we have been proving everybody wrong...we welcome all talents around the world, we are unbelievable when we are united!! So, remember our little red dot on map will always makes a difference in all aspects!! Don't give up!! Fight!! Fight!! Fight!! All of U!!! Especially the Football Team!!! When there is a will, there is a way!!!!!!

GO! GO! GO! Team Singapore!!! No fear, just do it, do your best and ignore the results. Best wishes to Team Singapore!

Every effort you made, is one small step in proving yourselves. Every medal you take, is one reward you are paying back to our mother nation. And every Gold you grab, is one true inspiration that will last for generations! So goal for golds and don't leave any regret!

Team Singapore, you all are awesome. You have done and given your best to Singapore. Everyone back home is so proud of you. My family and I look forward for your safe return. Best of luck!

Always proud to see a Singaporean participatingn in any event. All the best!!!

Go team singapore!! Show them that we can do it!!!! Rowing dont think negative row as hard as possible

Go team singapore!! Show them that we can do it... We want gold!!

Do your best Team Singapore. Make every Singaporean proud to be called ourselves Singaporean.

You never walk alone. Whole S'pore is all behind you. Let's do it better in 2015 on our home ground. To all champion whom don't make it this time.

Team Singapore 26th SEA games and 6th Asean para games representative. Go! Go! Go!. Get the medals.

All the Best TEAM SINGAPORE!! DO not worry about getting GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE...Cos you all are already the STARs of the GAMES by showing the power of the LION's SPIRIT!!!

GREAT Performance for all players from TEAM SINGAPORE. We know that all of you out there can do a very very good job for Singapore by winning more Medals. We, Singaporean are feel very proud for you all. GOOD LUCK!!!

GREAT Performance for all players from TEAM SINGAPORE. We know that all of you out there can do a very very good job for Singapore by winning more Medals. We, Singaporean are feel very proud for you all. GOOD LUCK!!!

GREAT Performance for all players from TEAM SINGAPORE. We know that all of you out there can do a very very good job for Singapore by winning more Medals. We, Singaporean are feel very proud for you all. GOOD LUCK!!!

All the Best Roller Sport ! I am proud of all of you esp EK !

All the Best Roller Sport ! I am proud of all of you esp EK !

All the Best Roller Sport ! I am proud of all of you esp EK !

Team Singapore athletes, you are doing great! We are proud of all your efforts!

Hey Team Singapore jia you show your fighting power you can do.it all the best to u all

Gold, Silver or Bronze? It is the spirit of gamesmanship that is the the most valuable! GO TEAM SINGAPORE!

Good luck Team Singapore!! Make Singaporeans proud! ^^

Hey guys! All the best! :) Carry the Lion's power on! :) The whole nation cheers for you! ^^


Go.. Team SIngapore!!! Show your sportsmanship represent the country proud!

Great performance by Gary Yeo in the 100m sprint event. Keep it up and congrats!

Go Singapore ! Love from SZ China

The sound of million roars in harmony with the tunes of sea song bring a unity message from us to you, Singapore Team: "Do it with all your personal best, and come back home with all your personal memories. We are all behind you".

Thanks Team Singapore for flying our flag high. It is not just about the medals but best efforts & sportsmanship

No matter what's the outcome, we are proud of you all who represent Singapore. Do your best and never forget sportsmanship in the process... Team Singapore �油�

Great Job so far TEAM SINGAPORE! You did us proud:)) No matter where we are, we will always be supporting you all! Keep up the great job! Even if you failed to bring home a medal, we know that you have already tried your best:)) It's alright and it's ok! What matters most is the experience you gain through the Games! All the best for the next 10 days!

All the best to you TEAM SINGAPORE. Make us proud by not only winning medals but also upholding sportsmanship.

Race against time, challenge with self, stand up amongst them all and keep the Singapore flag rising high with pride!

Nourish your body well ! Think POSITIVE ! Your training will see you through. You are the pride of our nation. GO TEAM SINGAPORE GO GO GO !

Team Singapore, u have a good start & did us proud. Keep it up & roar

This is your race Team Singapore. Remember your months of hard work at training. Appreciate the support of your family and nation. Believe in the flame burning withing you. GO Team Singapore. YOU CAN DO IT !



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